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Top 10 Student Visa Processing Agency in Dhaka

May 28 2024
Student Visa Processing Agency in Dhaka

So you made the decision to complete your studies abroad. Congratulations! But now you have run into the issue of completing your student visa processing. But fret not; we have come up with a solution for you. 

All you need to do is go through our review of the top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka. Pick any one of our top 10 suggestions and your student visa processing will be smoother than you thought possible. We will also share some factors for you to consider to make picking one even more accessible. 

Top 10 Student Visa Processing Agency In Dhaka

Each of the top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka on our list was carefully chosen to ensure you get the best service possible. We narrowed down our list of choices from 100 to just 10 so that you have an easier time picking top-quality student visa processing services. 



Website: www.vebd.net

We will start our list of the top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka with VEBD. They stand as one of the top student processing agencies in Dhaka because of their level of experience and expertise honed over the years. Their team of student visa processing agents ensures that students looking to study in either the USA or Canada have their visas processed smoothly and very quickly. Sadly they don’t process student visas for any other countries except the USA and Canada.

2. Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Website: studyincanada.com.bd

“Study in Canada” Education Management Ltd has established itself as a leading educational management company in Bangladesh. With over six years of experience, they have successfully facilitated higher education services for thousands of students. Their international team of more than 30 workers ensures personalized assistance and guidance throughout the application process. By maintaining solid partnerships with over 400 institutions worldwide, Study in Canada simplifies the journey for students seeking education abroad.

3. VISAThing for Student

VISAThing for Student

Website: visathingforstudent.com

VISAThing for Student is another one of our suggestions for the top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka. They are experts at providing customized student visa processing services. Their student visa processing services cover more than 50 countries. And they also have connections with various top-tier universities in each of these countries. Since they were established they have worked tirelessly to become a trusted partner for Bangladeshi students looking to travel abroad for higher studies. 

4. Visa Processing Center

Visa Processing Center

Website: visaprocessingcenter.com

Visa Processing Center has risen to become one of the top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka. They put all their focus on providing Bangladeshi students with student visa processing services. From representing them to checking if students are eligible for student visa approval they provide various services. Visa Processing Center provides its services to the US, UK, Schengen, Canada, and Australia.

5. PFEC Global Bangladesh

PFEC Global Bangladesh

Website: pfecglobal.com.bd

PFEC Global Bangladesh has established itself as a premier student visa agency with a remarkable journey since 2006. With offices in multiple countries and representation of over 550 educational institutions worldwide, they offer unparalleled support to students. Their team’s professional knowledge and guidance ensure a smooth visa experience, from planning to application and beyond. By providing robust visa services and addressing individual needs, PFEC Global Bangladesh remains a trusted partner for students pursuing education abroad.

6. BSB Global Network

BSB Global Network

Website: bsbbd.com

BSB Global Network has been a pioneer in national and international education consultancy since 1993. With a focus on maintaining global standard high-quality services, they assist students in realizing their higher education aspirations. Their extensive network of sister concerns and educational institutes ensures access to diverse educational opportunities. By offering expert counseling and recruitment services, BSB Global Network empowers students to pursue education abroad confidently.



Website: aeccglobal.com.bd

AECC deserves to be on our list of top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka due to their quality of service. Since 2008 they have continued to provide top-tier student visa processing services to various countries. They have built connections with some of the top universities worldwide. They are wholly committed to helping Bangladeshi students with their visa processing needs. AECC has numerous experienced consultants who will provide you with personalized assistance to make the whole process very simple. 

8. SANGEN Edu Ltd


Website: www.sangenbd.com

SANGEN Edu Ltd is committed to shaping the future of students through quality education. Their comprehensive services include counseling, admission support, and post-arrival assistance, ensuring a holistic approach to student success. By providing up-to-date information, effortless service, and scholarship opportunities, SANGEN Edu Ltd empowers students to pursue education in China, India, Malaysia, UK, and Canada. Their dedication to student welfare and development sets them apart as a top student visa agency in Dhaka.

9. Global Vision

Global Vision

Website: globalvisionbd.com

Global Vision serves as a hub of international study counseling in Bangladesh, offering unparalleled success and growth since its inception. With a team of motivated and trained counselors, they provide expert guidance on studying abroad. By bridging the gap between students and international education providers, Global Vision facilitates a smooth application process. Their vision to become one of the best student consultancy agencies reflects their commitment to quality service and client satisfaction.

10. IECC


Website: www.iecc.co.uk

IECC has been a trusted international student counseling agency since 2005, helping students realize their dreams of studying abroad. With representation of top universities worldwide, they offer comprehensive support from course selection to visa documentation. Their experienced consultants understand the challenges students face and provide personalized assistance throughout the process. By managing applications and visa documentation, IECC simplifies the journey for students seeking education in top study destinations.


These were our suggestions for the top 10 student visa processing agency in Dhaka. We have vetted each of them rigorously to ensure you only have the best and most competent suggestions to choose from. Each of these agencies will ensure that your student visa processing is smooth and completed as soon as possible.

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