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Looking for your dream vacation destination but don't know where to start? With the help of experienced and knowledgeable travel agents, you can plan the trip of a lifetime with ease.

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About VEBD

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family-friendly adventure, or a solo journey to explore the world, a travel agency can provide you with a custom-tailored itinerary that exceeds your expectations. 

Our commitment extends beyond just travel planning. We delve into creating customized experiences that resonate with your travel aspirations. From leisurely family vacations to exclusive luxury tours, our services are designed to cater to a diverse range of travel needs, ensuring each journey with us becomes a cherished memory.


Our Services


Visa Consultancy

The need for expert advice is more important than ever in a world where difficult choices must be made and problems are constantly changing. This is when consulting services come into play, providing a lighthouse to travel across uncharted waters. VEBD is a dependable partner when it comes to important issues like visa applications, offering professional visa counseling services that speed up the procedure and increase your chances of success.

Holiday Packages

With the amazing vacation services offered by VEBD, set out on a voyage of a lifetime. Every holiday, in our opinion, ought to be the perfect fusion of rest, excitement, and treasured memories. We’re here to make your ideal vacation a reality with our knowledge, love of travel, and dedication to excellence.

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Air Ticket Service

Air travel has become a necessity in our life, allowing us to interact with people from different cultures and locations. However, due to the plethora of options available, purchasing airline tickets can be a challenging and time-consuming procedure. This is where expert plane ticket services come into play, streamlining the procedure and guaranteeing a smooth voyage from beginning to end.

Hajj Packages

At VEBD, we are aware that the Hajj pilgrimage is more than just a journey; it is a profoundly spiritual experience that is extremely important in every Muslim’s life. Our Hajj services are available to assist you at every turn as you set out on this holy path of devotion and self-discovery, assuring you a smooth and enlightening journey.


Umrah Packages

For Muslims worldwide, the umrah—a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca—is of utmost importance. This pilgrimage requires careful planning and direction because it is such a profound and deeply personal experience. By extending its knowledge to provide top-notch Umrah services, VEBD makes sure that your journey is easy, fulfilling, and in line with your spiritual goals.

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Looking for your dream vacation destination but don't know where to start? With the help of experienced and knowledgeable travel agents, you can plan the trip of a lifetime with ease.

Why Choose Us?

You should pick VEBD not just because we are the best travel agency in Bangladesh but also because we are dedicated to you. From the time you contact us to the end of your trip, we will be with you.

Our comprehensive list of services is not just limited to holiday packages in Bangladesh and worldwide. You need to pick where you want to go, and we will cover everything else. We will cover everything from helping you find the best accommodation in Bangladesh or elsewhere to finding the best places to see.

We also provide quality Umrah and Hajj packages. Like our holiday packages, these services also cover all parts of Umrah and Hajj so that you can only focus on your religious pilgrimage.

Our excellent visa consultancy service covers many countries for student, work, and other kinds of visas. All you need to do is contact us, and we will walk you through the whole thing step by step.


We share our experiences, tips and travel stories to inspire and guide our readers in their own wanderlust adventures. From hidden gems to popular destinations, we showcase the beauty and diversity of the world, and promote responsible and sustainable travel.

Business Visa Vs Resident Visa

Business Visa Vs. Resident Visa: Key Differences and Requirements for Bangladeshis


A travel agency helps plan and arrange customer trips, including booking flights, hotels, and activities.

Research visa requirements for your destination and follow the application process carefully.

Visa processing times vary depending on the country and type of visa, so check with the embassy or consulate.

Learn about the pilgrimage’s rituals, required documents, and health precautions.

Review the agency’s policies on cancellations and refunds before booking your trip.

Yes, many travel agencies offer customizable tour packages tailored to your preferences.

Contact the agency online, by phone, or in-person to discuss your preferences and book your tour.

Yes, some agencies specialize in offering guided tours to off-the-beaten-path destinations.

It’s best to book your tour or vacation several months in advance to ensure availability and get the best deals.

The tour package price typically includes accommodation, transportation, meals, and guided activities.

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